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Valkyrie Deathmatch Server Rules
Hello and Welcome To Valkyrie Deathmatch Community for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Multiplayer. Here at our community we have strict guide lines to be followed through out our community to make sure you intend to get the best gaming experience on what our server has provided for you. We are a Free To Play Server, meaning we do not charge players to join the server, its totally free to play! 

All Players, V.I.P Players and Administrators must follow the community rules

1) Insulting Players, V.I.P's and Administrators
All players are to maintain a positive attitude through out the In-Game Server, regardless of your In-Game Status. Insulting another Player in public chat courses arguments, swearing and insulting in non-English language. 
Quote:PUNISHMENT: Warning from Admin (1st time) > Kick from Admin (2nd Time) Server Ban (3rd time)

2) Server Hacking
Any attempt of hacking will result in a community ban - This includes illegal modding modifications, cleo hackers and general sa-mp exploits which will allow you to get an advantage over others 
Quote:PUNISHMENT: Community Banned (Administrators discretion) 

3) Score/Money Farming
Score and Money farming is finding a unique server exploit which allows you to gain massive amount of money and score in a short period of time
Quote:PUNISHMENT: 2 days to 5 days server Ban (Administrators discretion)

4) Spamming
Spamming in is a way of causing attention to yourself and others within the server - Do not spam public chat, PM's, Reports and other specific in-game chats that may appear.
Quote:PUNISHMENT: Warning > Mute (Administrators discretion) 

5) Spawn Locations
Through out our server they are specific spawn points within each game you enter, being paused for certain period of time will result you in being reported from another player due to you blocking at spawn. 
Quote:PUNISHMENT: Server Kick from Admin 

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