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ShadowTrix's Helper Application
Your name: Hassan
Your age: 16 nearly 17
Nationality: I'm Canadian.
Since when you started SA:MP: I've been playing samp since 2014, I began on RP servers aswell as freeroam servers on MTA.
In what servers have you played before: RCRP, LSRP, BARP, LACRP, DFRP, NLRP, NGGRP, Kokys DM and xMovies servers.
Why do you want to join: I feel I can make a positive influence on the community, aswell as I like helping and serving the community whilst providing a fun and active/friendly environment.
Are you a trustworthy person: I consider myself to be one, yes.
Anything else: Uh. Nope.

Hello ShadowTrix,

Your application will be reviewed by the staff team, and you will receive the answer inside 24 hours since the application has been posted.

Thank you for applying.


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