DM/TDM Arenas

V:DM will consist of bunch DM and TDM arenas, with more kinds of features to come in the future.


Brawlhalla, a small island on the middle of the sea, parachute and guns, PUBG style baby.


Different kind of events will be available on our server, and all of the events include fun, duh.


You don't like Deathmatching, or you're simply bored? Say no more, we got you covered.


So you want to challenge your friends to a duel, we offer 1V1 and 2V2 duels, 3V3 is a planned feature aswell.


Say goodbye to paying with real money to get a few extra features, here you can buy VIP Levels with in-game money, if you want to donate you will do so on your own free will.